A Perpetual Menace: Nuclear Weapons and International Order (Routledge Global Security Studies)

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When even more nightmarish challenges to the nuclear order occurred with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, extraordinary diplomatic management by the administrations of George H. Bush and Bill Clinton created a stronger nuclear order out of this chaos.

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Likewise, the surprise discovery of an advanced nuclear weapons program in Iraq facilitated the endorsement of far stronger inspection procedures by the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors. The NPT Review and Extension Conference was uniquely crucial for nuclear order, as states-parties chose to make the treaty permanent. One of the additional gears promised at the review conference, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, is stuck. Construction has yet to begin on another, a fissile material cutoff treaty.

It is also an exercise in conciliation—in resolving dissonances—entailing searches for convergence, compromise and quid pro quos, where there are clashes of norms, values and interests.

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The search for solutions is nevertheless inescapable and engrained. Among the foremost challenges to the sustenance and strengthening of the nuclear order is Washington itself. Bush was, of treaties and norm building when it suits their pursuit of unilateral remedies. The problem of dysfunctional national security politics in the United States rises to the structural level. Additional structural challenges include the odd, ahistorical circumstance in which nuclear weapons have less and less utility for major powers and greater utility for weak states.

A perpetual menace: nuclear weapons and international order | University of St Andrews

Pivotal non-nuclear-weapon states also will define the evolution of the nuclear order. Another factor in the nuclear future—one on which Walker places considerable weight, echoing Bohr—is how forcefully and steadfastly nuclear abolition is pursued.

Where is the justice for anyone if the maintenance of nuclear forces for the purpose of security results, through accident or intent, in annihilation? States and peoples therefore find themselves on the horns of various dilemmas.


But the pursuit of nuclear disarmament is a necessary endeavor, however unattainable it may be perceived to be. For example, if the nuclear order could survive the collapse of the Soviet Union, it might also be able to survive an instance of catastrophic nuclear terrorism or an Iran armed with nuclear weapons.

A Perpetual Menace: Nuclear Weapons Today, Tomorrow, Forever?

As one U. These enterprises can and do wobble off the rails, but so far, there have been a sufficient number of protectors to put them back on track.

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None of this, however, can be taken for granted. The current challenges to the nuclear order are both unique, in the form of millennial terrorism, and familiar, in the form of outlier states, whose singular accretion may or may not add up to a systemic challenge in the form of cascade effects. The nuclear order has been slow to take shape, but now has a mature profile. Order can be discerned out of a plethora of possibilities, order shaped by norms and the constraints of prior choices.

To maintain nuclear order, Walker points to the remedy of a renewed commitment to nuclear abolition to keep the two main gears of the nuclear order and their subsidiary mechanisms enmeshed.

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A perpetual menace: nuclear weapons and international order.