ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Conversion Experiment: Report on Workflow, Costs, and User Preferences

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Only administrators have the Administration button on the upper right side of the My Applications page. Admins can now add event hooks from the Admin Console. Event hooks send outbound calls from Okta that trigger asynchronous process flows in admins' own software. For more details, see Event Hooks.

For details see Reset user passwords.

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When a group admin with permissions to manage a single group adds a new user to the org, the group name is automatically populated. The new event now includes more debugData information to indicate whether an email challenge was answered redeemed using the same browser from which it was initiated. OAuth Scopes may not start with the okta.

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See Create scopes. Universal Directory Universal Directory enables you to store an unlimited amount of users and attributes from applications and sources like AD or HR systems. Any type of attributes are supported including linked-objects, sensitive attributes, and pre-defines lists. You can customize the attributes in up to 9 user types. See About custom user types in Universal Directory.

ICM 10: Adding workflows in Workflow Manager

When assigning users to Microsoft Office , a Profile push error message was displayed. Users could still sign in and their profiles were updated correctly. In OAuth 2. Users can enter their credentials for these apps on their homepage. These credentials are stored such that users can access their apps without entering their credentials each time. When users first sign-in to a SWA app from their homepage, they see a pop-up message asking if they were able to sign-in successfully.

Only the first 15 zones were displayed. Assigning apps to large sets of end users is made easier with groups. When admins removed a user from a group with more than one character in the group name, the confirmation message ignored all text preceding the last. This resulted in an incorrect confirmation message.

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In SP An acronym for service provider. Generally, an SP is a company, usually providing organizations with communications, storage, processing, and a host of other services. Within Okta, it is any website that accepts SAML responses as a way of signing in users, and has the ability to redirect a user to an IdP e. When admins entered a username to test if a new LDAP configuration was valid, the Next button did not work.

US Army, Technical Manual, TM 5-4320-313-14, PUMPING ASSEMBLY, FLAMMABLE LIQUID, BULK TRANSFER, 100

In some cases, the group attribute for Template WS-Fed apps was evaluated incorrectly. Org2Org setup created a new appUser instead of restoring the original user after encountering an Error while Reactivating user message. Users encountered an error if they switched between WebAuthn and other factors when signing in to Okta in a web browser. Immediately after enabling WebAuthn, users saw Windows Hello in a stale window when resetting an enrollment factor.

Duplicate notifications were displayed in the Profile Editor after a new attribute was added. When saving a user's updated profile details from the Profile page, a manual refresh was required. Within this scenario, the IdP is Okta. For orgs that allow non-email usernames, users with an ID me were not able to sign in due to an API conflict. This ID is no longer allowed, but existing users with that ID are unaffected.

Attempts to add users to the approval process of the Access Request Workflow The Access Request Workflow feature is a complete, multi-step approval workflow through which end users can request access to apps. Admins can designate approvers to grant users access for self-service applications. This feature enhances Okta's provisioning solution, which typically is used by IT teams to automate account provisioning and SSO access for users on their first day of employment.

Local USE flags

Details of the book, a sample chapter, and other information are available at discoveringastronomy weebly. The article also includes an overview of…. Competition and consolidation in the commercial publishing world and among booksellers have contributed to the challenges confronting university presses. Results indicated a strongly positive user experience coupled with increased marks; however, there were no statistically significant results for the eBook method of delivery alone outperforming the traditional anatomy practical session. Also enables eventbridge.

Later, users need access to job-specific applications that are often beyond an IT team's purview. The Access Request Workflow feature allows business application owners — rather than IT — to grant users access to apps and assign entitlements in apps that require them. In Preview orgs, users who removed Okta Verify through their Settings page remained enrolled in the factor.

After access to Okta Support was enabled, impersonation could be disabled or enabled in the impersonated session.

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Users who signed in via IWA after their password was reset with the Temporary Password option were prompted to change their password twice. Netskope now supports the following Provisioning features this is in addition to the other provisioning features it already supports :.

Users who have previously set up the Netskope integration and enabled Provisioning need to follow the migration steps detailed in the Netskope Configuration Guide if they want to use the new feature. Users who have previously set-up the OfficeSpace Software integration and enabled Provisioning need to follow the migration steps detailed in the OfficeSpace Software Configuration Guide if they want to use the new features. Integrations receive Okta Verified status: 1 if the integration is Okta-built, and is then tested and verified by Okta; or 2 if the integration is ISV-built partner-built , and is then tested and verified by Okta.

See Email customization. For a list of event hook eligible System Log events, filter our Event Types Catalog by the event-hook tag. See Okta Mobile Connect. End users now have the option to enroll in more than one instance of a WebAuthn-based factor, which can be set up either from the sign-in widget or from the end user dashboard settings. If an AD-mastered user has forgotten their password the AD password policy is honored when the user resets their password.

For more information, see Provisioning Features. The Administrator report containing information about all admins, their roles, and permissions will now be generated asynchronously.

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Super admins can generate the report by clicking Request Report and they will receive an email with a download link when the report is ready. For details, see The Super admin role. Admins can now add Inline Hooks from the admin console. Inline Hooks enable admins to integrate custom functionality into Okta process flows. For more information, see Inline hooks. Note: This feature requires Okta Mobile 5.


Admins can now configure ThreatInsight — a new feature that detects credential-based attacks from malicious IP addresses. ThreatInsight events can be displayed in the admin system log and also be blocked once this feature is configured. For more information, see ThreatInsight. Okta strives to add this functionality to more and more provisioning-enabled apps.

This feature is currently only available for Preview orgs.

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See Allow end-users to quickly access apps. This release of the agent contains security enhancements. Admins can now provide end users with the option to sign in to their org using various MFA factors as the primary method of authentication in place of using a standard password. See Factor Sequencing.