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Yesterday's Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future
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While the history of cities built from scratch is long, the scale of the current epidemic is beyond anything seen before.

Another 2. New research has identified more than examples, nearly all in Asia and Africa. This week Guardian Cities meets the year-olds who built the Bulgarian city of Dimitrovgrad after the second world war many still live there and visits the bizarre Bahria Town development promising Karachi residents protection from terror attacks and violent crime. We remember past visions of future cities and ask, is there ever a good reason to start a city from scratch? Nick Van Mead.

In some of his drawings, these resolutely artificial edifices morphed into outsized crystals and stone mountains, giving a sense of the skyscrapers as having grown out of the earth itself. In this film, scripted by Wells himself, an unplanned 19th-century city almost certainly London is destroyed by war, with a new city emerging only after a protracted period of medieval savagery.

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Common Questions FAQ. Pay What You Want. Himself Walter Mosley Metropolis Leave it to German filmmakers to reinvent future fantasy as future cynicism for a moral lesson. For the past 15 years Amp have been at the forefront of experimental sound, mixing drone, Kraut inspired improvisation, ambience and swirling pop brilliance into a heady and absorbing body of work that is touched with genius.

A human super-race uses advanced machines to carve the new city into the ground, creating a completely enclosed world of perfect urban order and immaculate surfaces. With its highly formal avenues of trees and gardens, this city of the future embodies the ideals of a generation of modernist architects, who sought to introduce light, air and nature into the congested and polluted industrial cities of the previous century.

Yesterday's Tomorrows

The dream of enclosing cities under a protective shell originates in midth century visions of the transformative potential of the then new technologies of iron-and-glass construction. These were attempts to shield citizens from the industrial pollution that plagued Victorian cities but also the result of a utopian desire to create a human-controlled environment free from the vagaries of nature. Only in the midth century did these visions resurface with any force, as the technologies that drove skyscraper construction also suggested a more thorough control of the air above cities.

Underground cities might well be some of the oldest in existence. In eighth-century Cappadocia, in what is now Turkey, Christians were forced underground by persecution.

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In the s and s, when the prospect of nuclear war was felt viscerally by many, entire populations were drilled in the art of preparing for an apocalypse that might come at any moment. Wolf Hilbertz, who developed this extraordinary proposal with artist Newton Fallis in , saw the potential of materials grown in the sea to build entire cities.

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Fantastic though this may seem, Hilbertz was later instrumental in developing the material commonly known as Biorock, a substance formed by the electro-accumulation of materials dissolved in seawater. Now used to restore damaged coral reefs, Biorock has yet to be grown into a habitable building, let alone an entire city. In recent years, synthetic biologist Rachel Armstrong has proposed growing an artificial reef below Venice to stop the city sinking into the sea.

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Meanwhile, American architect Mitchell Joachim envisages houses grown in a laboratory from pig cells. Blade Runner, which is still the most iconic cinematic realisation of the cyberpunk ethic of bleak but beautiful dystopian future cities, presents a vision of a future post-nuclear Los Angeles shrouded in permanent rain-sodden darkness — but also full of vibrant life, whether human or artificial.


Le Petit Chat Ipso Factum Lutin2 Le Revenant Left It Too Late Miles'N Noir Et Noir Baudelaire Ombres Je Veux Moon Tree Scarborough Fair Seagreen Serenades Televisionface Watchn' Shadowfall Untitled Demo Demo Of Tomorrow Yonder Untitled Bow Wild Wine Gaze When You Have Love For the past 15 years Amp have been at the forefront of experimental sound, mixing drone, Kraut inspired improvisation, ambience and swirling pop brilliance into a heady and absorbing body of work that is touched with genius.

Featuring core duo of Richard Amp and Karine Charff, this triple CD gathers together unreleased songs, alternate versions, rare releases and other sonic goodies and is a treat for long term fans and new listeners alike. Recorded in but only ever released on a compilation Fuzzy Boombox V.

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In fact, that course of action is recommended for the whole of this album, allowing for complete concentration and enabling the listener to lose themselves completely in the ever-changing sonic textures. Given the amount of music on this disc, it is a testament to the playful inventiveness and exploratory spirit of Amp that it is easy to listen to the whole thing in one sitting, never a moment lost, never a song outstaying its welcome.

An album you will still be playing in twenty years time. Rest assured that from the offset those new to Amp will discover the complexity and dimension of their sound.

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Indeed that is the crux behind their sound; experimentations. Something to be sung on a blighted landscape at the end of days. Published by heavy Truth Music Publishing Track: Copyright Control Track: Tags alternative ambient electronic experimental post-rock space rock London.

Meet the historians who pioneered scholarship of retro-futurism