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An American and an Arab journalist walk into a Saudi Consulate
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One crucial thing though please notice when Thomas Friedman tells you in no uncertain terms: "But one thing I know for sure: Not a single Saudi I spoke to here over three days expressed anything other than effusive support for this anti-corruption drive. Cut no pun to the second columnist: On October 2, Jamal Khashoggi entered Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul to obtain a document certifying his divorce, from which location there is no evidence he ever exited alive.

Turkish authorities have reported they believe that upon his arrival Khashoggi was brutally beaten, tortured, killed and his body dismembered inside the consulate in a "premeditated murder. Official reports from the scene of Khashoggi's disappearance in Istanbul are not encouraging.

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All major news outlets in the US and Europe have echoed the same accounts. The full talk, if you have the stomach for it, is here.

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Another Spin book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. "Another Spin" is Debbie Spingarns first collection of columns as a writer with the Norwood Transcript and Bulletin, a weekly newspaper in suburban Boston.

Never mind the fact he had told us he never saw a single soul who disagreed with what his favourite prince, MBS, was doing. None of these antic paraphernalia in Thomas Friedman's apothecary is strange or unusual any more. Puerile, fatuous, delusional claptrap, inane to the point of numbing incredulity, Thomas Friedman glides giddily from the top to the bottom of his columns seemingly oblivious to what a bizarre cartoonish character he cuts to the world at large.

It is rather the special combination of disarming incoherence and unearned egoism that gives him his cockily alarming plausibility. There is much that remains the same about Thomas Friedman since those prophetic words, and much that has worsened.

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In her witty and brilliant book, The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work , Belen Fernandez has stripped naked the bare banality of Thomas Friedman's journalism and the bankruptcy of the media culture that has opted to recognise and even celebrate him. Badly in need of a half-decent undergraduate education, Thomas Friedman writes confidently from behind the arrogant hubris of two nuclear powers he defends, the US and Israel, and so what he says is uttered with the vertiginous mixture of undiluted stupidity and gaudy confidence.

In another brilliant piece , "in honour of Thomas Friedman's latest love letter to the ruling dynasty in Saudi Arabia," Abdullah Al-Arian has mapped out "seventy years' worth of the New York Times describing the [Saudi] royal family as reformers". It is an exceptionally revealing and yet damning piece, where you read how the New York Times has consistently offered Americans a decidedly abusive misreading of the US reactionary ally.

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But all such and many more similar attentions raises a crucial question. A young journalist friend recently observed how we keep criticizing Thomas Friedman and yet, we keep reading him. Indeed: why do we read him?

The answer to that for me is very simple. Years ago, when I was a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania writing my doctoral dissertation under the late Philip Rieff, one day I was sitting in my small cubical next to his office reading the New York Times. He walked to my desk, saw me reading the New York Times, quietly went back to his office and returned with a pair of scissors. This was in the late s-early s, when we still read newspapers in print.

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Saudi Media Casts Khashoggi Disappearance as a Conspiracy, Claims Qatar Owns Washington Post

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The allegations were never backed by a criminal conviction. Every element added to the over package. Michael Kaplan. Great combo of information and quotes right off the bat. The Register is an enjoyable paper that does a thorough job with community and public safety news.

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