Archimède 68 (Romans contemporains) (French Edition)

French Social Theory
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It is commonly applied to the conservation laws in philosophy and modern science. Ex nihilo is often used in conjunction with "creation", as in creatio ex nihilo , denoting "creation out of nothing". It is often used in philosophy and theology in connection with the proposition that God created the universe from nothing.

Denotes something that has been newly made or made from scratch see also de novo. The title of a short story by H. By virtue or right of office. Often used when someone holds one office by virtue of holding another: for example, the President of France is an ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra. A common misconception is that all ex officio members of a committee or congress may not vote; but in some cases they do. In law ex officio can also refer to an administrative or judicial office taking action of its own accord, in the case of the latter the more common term is ex proprio motu or ex meru motu , for example to invalidate a patent or prosecute infringers of copyright.

A theological phrase contrasted with ex opere operato , referring to the notion that the validity or promised benefit of a sacrament depends on the person administering it. A theological phrase meaning that the act of receiving a sacrament actually confers the promised benefit, such as a baptism actually and literally cleansing one's sins. The Catholic Church affirms that the source of grace is God, not just the actions or disposition of the minister or the recipient of the sacrament.

Originally refers to the sun rising in the east, but alludes to culture coming from the Eastern world.

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Motto of several institutions. A legal term that means "by one party" or "for one party". Thus, on behalf of one side or party only. Or 'with due competence'. Said of the person who perfectly knows his art or science. Also used to mean "expressly". The term is a legal phrase; the legal citation guide called the Bluebook describes ex rel. An example of use is in court case titles such as Universal Health Services, Inc. United States ex rel. The United States Naval Academy motto.


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Refers to knowledge bringing men power over the sea comparable to that of the trident -bearing Greek god Poseidon. In general, the claim that the absence of something demonstrates the proof of a proposition.

An argumentum ex silentio " argument from silence " is an argument based on the assumption that someone's silence on a matter suggests "proves" when a logical fallacy that person's ignorance of the matter or their inability to counterargue validly. Recent academic notation for "from above in this writing".

See also ex infra. Ex turpi causa non oritur actio. A legal doctrine which states that a claimant will be unable to pursue a cause of action, if it arises in connection with his own illegal act.

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Particularly relevant in the law of contract, tort and trusts. Ex Unitate Vires. Used in reference to the study or assay of living tissue in an artificial environment outside the living organism. Thus, in accordance with a promise. An ex voto is also an offering made in fulfillment of a vow.

Also a catchphrase used by Marvel Comics head Stan Lee. A juridical principle which means that the statement of a rule's exception e. Often mistranslated as "the exception that proves the rule ". More loosely, "he who excuses himself, accuses himself"—an unprovoked excuse is a sign of guilt. In French , qui s'excuse, s'accuse. The abbreviation "e. It is not usually followed by a comma in British English, but it is in American usage. On a plaque at the former military staff building of the Swedish Armed Forces.

Third-person plural present active indicative of the Latin verb exire ; also seen in exeunt omnes , "all leave"; singular: exit. This term has been used in dermatopathology to express that there is no substitute for experience in dealing with all the numerous variations that may occur with skin conditions. A principle of legal statutory interpretation : the explicit presence of a thing implies intention to exclude others; e.

Sometimes expressed as expressum facit cessare tacitum broadly, "the expression of one thing excludes the implication of something else". Refers to a possible result of Catholic ecclesiastical legal proceedings when the culprit is removed from being part of a group like a monastery. This expression comes from the Epistle to Jubaianus , paragraph 21, written by Saint Cyprian of Carthage , a bishop of the third century.

It is often used to summarise the doctrine that the Catholic Church is absolutely necessary for salvation. It is issued by the Master of the Papal Liturgical Celebrations before a session of the Papal conclave which will elect a new Pope. When spoken, all those who are not Cardinals , or those otherwise mandated to be present at the Conclave, must leave the Sistine Chapel. Refers to extraterritorial jurisdiction. Often cited in law of the sea cases on the high seas. A Roman legal principle indicating that a witness who willfully falsifies one matter is not credible on any matter.

The underlying motive for attorneys to impeach opposing witnesses in court: the principle discredits the rest of their testimony if it is without corroboration. Ovid , Metamorphoses Slight variant "quod potui feci" found in James Boswell 's An Account of Corsica , there described as "a simple beautiful inscription on the front of Palazzo Tolomei at Siena". Happiness , Integrity and Knowledge. People's beliefs are shaped largely by their desires. Julius Caesar , The Gallic War 3.

An oxymoronic motto of Augustus. It encourages proceeding quickly, but calmly and cautiously.

Equivalent to "more haste, less speed". Ovid [54]. Virgin Mary's response to the Annunciation. Horace , Ars Poetica ; advice presumably discounted by the magical realists. Fidei Defensor Fid Def or fd.

British monarchs continue to use the title, which is still inscribed on all British coins, and usually abbreviated. Roman Catholic theological term for the personal faith that apprehends what is believed, contrasted with fides quae creditur , which is what is believed; see next phrase below. Roman Catholic theological term for the content and truths of the Faith or "the deposit of the Faith", contrasted with fides qua creditur , which is the personal faith by which the Faith is believed; see previous phrase. Anselm ; Proslogion.

A major part of a work is properly finishing it. The motto of the Jutland Dragoon Regiment of Denmark. An epitaph that reminds the reader of the inevitability of death, as if to state: "Once I was alive like you are, and you will be dead as I am now.

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First words of an academic anthem used, among other places, in The Student Prince. Motto of Bishop Allen Academy. Motto of Campion School.

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A principle of statutory interpretation : If a matter falls under a specific provision in a statute enacted before a general provision enacted in a later statute, it is to be presumed that the legislature did not intend that the earlier specific provision be repealed, and the matter is governed by the earlier specific provision, not the more recent general one. The unique, distinctive aspects or atmosphere of a place, such as those celebrated in art, stories, folk tales, and festivals. Originally, the genius loci was literally the protective spirit of a place, a creature usually depicted as a snake.

Learn each field of study according to its kind. Virgil, Georgics II.