Critical Evaluation of Internet Advertising

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The following essay is focussing on a critical evaluation of online advertising. It examines different online advertising instruments, such as banner, websites, keyword advertising etc. The methodological approach was defined by a review on topical literature on the subject-matter of internet advertising, mainly focussing on well-established tools, to enable a decision-making based on profound research results, but also acknowledging current online marketing trends to take advantage of new technologies such as mobile availability of websites, which will be further explained in detail.

Different perspectives and expert opinions were considered, definitions researched and based on these findings a conclusion formulated.


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The essay will mainly focus on research studies focussing on the German market combined with general academic theory and empirical findings. Against the background of increasing competition and insecure markets companies are given the task to reduce costs in order to reduce their financial risks PWC, A growing range of media capabilities associated with a growing range of advertising instruments impede the communication design additionally. Therefore a company, confronted with a variety of marketing possibilities, especially since the introduction of the internet and lately Web 2.

Before evaluating different definitions of online advertising, the internet as the fundament for online advertising by providing its technological platform, is defined in the following. It is a virtual place, were people globally come together to interact and exchange information.

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Online advertising can be custom-tailored to match user preferences. Derived from these 2 different approaches, that intend to narrow down the term of internet advertising, the essence is that the online medium can provide a flow of information available to consumers on demand enabled through technological devices in an interactive and personalized environment.

To begin with the growth of internet advertising follows the growth of internet usage in general. The recognition of online advertising media is 5. Also, look to see if the goals you set in the past still make sense for your company based on its current performance. Specifically, evaluate:. If, on the other hand, you see that visitors from one particular social media website have accounted for 80 percent of those sales, you may decide to refocus your efforts in order to concentrate on the traffic streams that have proven most valuable to your company's bottom line.

If you have any tips on assessing your current campaign performance, share them in the comments section below! Alonzo Williams.

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