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Just before I made it out of the building he said one more thing. Damn brats. I'll make the best bracers to ever exist in this world. Lets see here. I'll use blue steel for the blade and then use leather and some steel for the bracer. He wanted it hidden so it can't be too heavy. This is an interesting design though, I wonder how he thought of it. He didn't even react when I said somebody might kill him. Also what does that mean. Fucking brats. I hate them.

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Atleast he gave me something interesting to make, I was gettin bored outta my mind just making fucking swords and spears for the government. Why the hell do they need so many in the first place? Whatever, they'll have to wait, gotta make these bracers first. I like that old man.

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I think he'll do a good job on the hidden blades. Now time to get married to a vampire. Yea I'm gonna accept her offer, the advantages are pretty good and if anything happens I'll incase her in eternal ice. Just kidding, I don't know how to create eternal ice yet. In our amazing community, you can find various talented individuals who write as a hobby or even professionally, artists who create art for them, and many, many readers who provide valuable feedback and encouragement. Do you guys like the perspective switches?

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The only thing is that there is no clear definition for the American Dream. It somehow normalizes it, and that gives me a bit of comfort. The body is an object, a projection. The goal of salesmanship is to earn a profit. But if you think that's where the post name comes from--haHA! Trying to hold onto any of it by buying our story line only blocks the wisdom.

Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. Trying to hold on to any of it by buying our story line only blocks our wisdom.

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My experiences over the past few weeks have included a lot of fear, a lot of sheer incredulity over the intensity and variety of what can befall me over such a short time. But over the past couple of days I've found momentary relief in moments where I get in touch with the sensation that I am just moving through life, that I am walking, breathing, lying down or standing up--just this continuity of existence that I can rest in if only I can take the first single baby step from my churning mind that is constantly manufacturing memos in triplicate Re: the past; Re: the future.

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How much freer could I be if more of these memos hit the circular file? Writing this post, I was struck by how difficult it was articulate adequately my profound joy at the overwhelming gift of love that has washed over me from so many sources: of course, Howie and my Jellybean and others in my family, but also certain beloved individuals so talented in the art of friendship and superabundantly endowed with generosity and affection that I have been just knocked senseless by it.

I know that this slogan, this instruction, is about stretching myself to be grateful to everyone --even, say, to embryos that have mistaken my pelvis for caves near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border--however I am so struck by my profound gratitude for my friends that I am going to willfully ignore the instruction and concentrate my gratitude on those who so glaringly have earned it.

Tuesday, 13 July 2004

Dreamlife Dreamdeath por Will Fuller, , disponible en Book Depository con envío gratis. Dreamlife, Dreamdeath the new novel by Will Fuller. 12 likes. Brighton author Will Fuller has spent most of his life writing in any available quiet.

Three objects, three poisons, three roots of virtue The 'three' talked about here are craving, aversion and apathy. I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience heaps and heaps of each of these recently. This is the 'poison as medicine' slogan, the basic idea being: I can just allow myself to be slapped hither and yon by these forces for the rest of my life, and feel all the suffering and confusion that comes from following them around like a sheep after its bellwether; or just as unskillfully, I can look at them as 'the enemy' and aspire to be 'above all that.

Somehow this slogan has touched me very recently, and I feel a lot of compassion and humility rising out of my own confusion and chaos and grief.

If you can practice even when distracted, you are well trained I have been hugely distracted. Normally, when this happens, dharma gets a sabbatical. I don't know why this time around, I am having these tremendous, tearful experiences of contact with myself, really making friends with myself in a new way.

I humbly admit I have no idea who I will be a week from today.

I am resigned to having lost all delusion of having a ground to stand on. Correct all wrongs with one intention Life is precious. I really hope for nothing more than to leave it better than I found it. Tuesday, 13 July at AM in slogan work Permalink. I do a lot of looking back at the last two years in deep disbelief: Did all this really happen to me?

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I wish when it was all going down I'd known some of the things you know. I'm so glad you can apply it now, when it helps, when you need it. I am constantly amazed, constantly challenged and constantly delighted by the things that life throws in my way.