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But if you will meet evil when it does not personally concern you as an individual, but only as a member of community, you will feel all that fatherly kindness to John that an earthly parent does for his son, and will go to him and point out the wrong, and show him the correct path to walk in, and give him a suitable chastisement. But if you wait until he takes one of your poles from your fence—till he turns a horse or an ox into your wheat—until he picks up a stick of wood from your wood-pile, and burns it, and you then meet him, you meet him in a spirit of wrath.

Author: William Allingham (1824 - 1889)

What destroys the commons in Europe is what destroyed the commons of Tecumseh. Born in yon blaze of orient sky, Sweet May! Am I a blank in the Almanac? The Miser of Shoreditch: or, the curse of avarice. We must disarm the power of darkness by not allowing its power to infect us through the music inspired by the dark side. The arrangement and march are settled by the Cadi, who is always the most active person in the company; and is, by virtue of his important office, the chief marshal, orator, buffoon, and money collector. Customer Service.

You are indignant at such conduct, and you say that you will not put up with it. Is this true? I do not wish to say much about the matter, but I wish to have you understand that the principle of correcting the people—taking their wrongs from them, giving them true principles, instead of their imbibing wrong principles—errors, and practising them in their lives, is the way for us to be purified and set right. I have seen Elders covenant to sustain each other at all hazards, under all circumstances, and in all places. Now, what will this amount to? You make the covenant to sustain each other without any reservation whatever, and the first you know, one of the number has done wrong.

You meet him, and he says, "You covenanted to sustain me, and that too with an uplifted hand; you promised, in the name of Israel's God, to sustain me; and now do it. I will hold you to your covenant.

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Says he, "No; you have made a solemn vow that you will sustain me: now do it, or break your covenant. I have observed, many and many a time, a feeling among the people that "I will not receive this rebuke from you.

May Day. May Day. This is the Queen Zenobia

I will chasten you until I am satisfied. I page believe that I have proved to every person that my chastisements have not been in anger, malice, or wrath, but in the spirit of a father; and I believe that all good men I have chastened are satisfied of this fact.


I do not know but that some have apostatized whom I have chastened, but they are very few. Once in a while you will find a person, that must have a severe chastisement, leave the kingdom of God; but this is very seldom. True, there are degrees of feeling and degrees of chastisement, and you are led to chastise one man differently to what you do another.

You may, figuratively speaking, pound one Elder over the head with a club, and he does not know but what you have handed him a straw dipped in molasses to suck.

Evil May-Day, &C

There are others, if you speak a word to them, or take up a straw and chasten them, whose hearts are broken; they are as tender in their feelings as an infant, and will melt like wax before the flame. You must not chasten them severely; you must chasten according to the spirit that is in the person.

Some you may talk to all day long, and they do not know what you are talking about. There is a great variety. Treat people as they are. When you consider that you are not worthy to belong to the kingdom of God, wait a moment. Would you like to be a Saint? That is the most unwise expression you have uttered. We are making Saints of just such characters. I expect to be made a Saint myself, though I have many weaknesses about me.

I am going to get rid of them as fast as I can. Have I not a desire to do right? Yes; and the Gospel is designed to make us better and bring us to understanding. When you are rebuked by each other—when brethren meet you and say, "This is wrong in you," you should receive it kindly, and express your thanks for the reproof, and acknowledge the wrong frankly, and admit that you may frequently do wrong when you do not know it, and say, "I wish you to enlighten my mind, to take me by the hand, and let me go along hand-in-hand, and strengthen and sustain each other.

Do you expect to see a perfect man? Not while you stay here.

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To the capacity you are now in, as mortal beings, a certain degree of perfection belongs. Many attain to this, and they have as good desires to be Saints as ever the angel Gabriel had. Then, will you cast a person off for his weaknesses? Rebuke him for his weaknesses, and convince him of them, and point out the right path, and see whether he will not walk in it. This is the way I wish the Elders to treat each other. Do not be afraid, nor hesitate, if you can possess the Spirit of Christ, to meet your brother, or your wife, or child, and reprove a wrong in the spirit of meekness.

Never be afraid to testify against evil, and you will remove the wrong and do good. But when you have the spirit of envy, and feel, "Such an individual has trampled upon my toes—he has sought to injure my character by speaking evil of me," you are more or less out of the way. I wish all the Elders thought as I do about character; then they would never trouble themselves about what others said of it. But if you rightly gain influence, preserve that.

And if you have been wrong, and that wrong is taken from you, it will create influence for you, and give you favour before God and with the Saints; but if you cling to the evil, it will deprive you of gaining that influence you desire.

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I do not know but that kings of the earth would give half their kingdoms, if they could have the affections of their subjects: they know they have them not. No President of the late United States ever had the affections and sympathies of half his constituents.

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Evil May-day, &c. by: Allingham, William, Publication date: [?] Publisher: London: Longmans. Collection: cdl; americana. Main Author: Allingham, William, Language(s): English. Published: London: Longmans, [?] Note: Imprint under label reads: David Stott. Poems .

Rulers in the nations would give worlds, if they could have the influence of the people they preside over that I have in the midst of this people. They have not got it. And the man that is now inaugurated President of a part of the States of America would give half of his power, if he could have the influence among his constituents that I have in the midst of the kingdom of God. He cannot get it. Rebuke him, and he will resent it in a moment. Let one of his cabinet—I would not care if it was William H.

Seward—go to the President and tell him that he is wrong, and he will at once resent it. He would say, "I think I know as well as you. Seward, upon all points of sound intelligence.

Evil May-day, &c

James Buchanan would resent it; and even as good a man as Washington was would resent it. He would believe that his dignity was infringed upon, if he had been told that he was in fault. If you gain a righteous influence, preserve that as you would the apple of your eye. As for your good name before the people, if your brother tells you of your wrongs and shows your your faults, what are you going to do about it? Your best plan will be, if you have done wrong, to repent and refrain from that wrong, and ask forgiveness of your brethren and of God, and do wrong no more, and you will regain your influence.

If you have done wrong, though all creation says you have not, what does that amount to?

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Nothing; for they would all be wrong on that point. Do not throw away a man or a woman, old or young. If they commit an evil to-day, and another to-morrow, but wish to be Saints and to be forgiven, do you forgive them, not only seven times, but seventy times seven in a day, if their hearts are fully set to do right. Let us make it a point to pass over their weaknesses and say, "God bless you in trying to be better in time to come," and act as wise stewards in the kingdom of God. Brigham Young. But I doe hope once more the day will come, That you shall mount and pearch your cocks as high As ere you did, and that the pipe and drum Shall bid defiance to your enemy; And that all fidlers, which in corners lurke, And have been almost starv'd for want of worke, Shall draw their crowds, and, at your exaltation, Play many a fit of merry recreation.

The restoration of Charles II. On the very first May-day afterwards, in , the May-pole in the Strand was reared with great ceremony and rejoicing, a curious account of which, from a rare tract, is at the reader's service. This Tree was a most choice and remarkable piece; 'twas made below Bridge, and brought in two parts up to Scotland Yard near the King's Palace, and from thence it was conveyed April 14th to the Strand to be erected.

It was brought with a streamer flourishing before it, Drums beating all the way and other sorts of musick; it was supposed to be so long, that Landsmen as Carpenters could not possibly raise it; Prince James the Duke of York, Lord High Admiral of England, commanded twelve seamen off a boord to come and officiate the business, whereupon they came and brought their cables, Pullies, and other tacklins, with six great anchors after this was brought three Crowns, bore by three men bare-headed and a streamer displaying all the way before them, Drums beating and other musick playing; numerous multitudes of people thronging the streets, with great shouts and acclamations all day long.

The May pole then being joyned together, and hoopt about with bands of iron, the crown and cane with the Kings Arms richly gilded, was placed on the head of it, a large top like a Balcony was about the middle of it. This being done, the trumpets did sound, and in four hours space it was advanced upright, after which being established fast in the ground six drums did beat, and the trumpets did sound; again great shouts and acclamations the people give, that it did ring throughout all the strand. After that came a Morice Dance finely deckt, with purple scarfs, in their half-shirts, with a Tabor and Pipe, the ancient Musick, and danced round about the Maypole, and after that danced the rounds of their liberty.

Upon the top of this famous standard is likewise set up a royal purple streamer, about the middle of it is placed four Crowns more, with the King's Arms likewise, there is also a garland set upon it of various colours of delicate rich favours, under which is to be placed three great Lanthorns, to remain for three honours; that is, one for Prince James Duke of York, Ld High Admiral of England; the other for the Vice Admiral; and the third for the rear Admiral; these are to give light in dark nights and to continue so as long as the Pole stands which will be a perpetual honour for seamen.

It is placed as near hand as they could guess, in the very same pit where the former stood, but far more glorious, bigger and higher, than ever any one that stood before it; and the seamen themselves do confess that it could not be built higher nor is there not such a one in Europe beside, which highly doth please his Majesty, and the illustrious Prince Duke of York; little children did much rejoice, and antient people did clap their hands, saying, golden days began to appear.

I question not but 'twill ring like melodious musick throughout every county in Englend [sic], when they read this story being exactly pen'd; let this satisfie for the glories of London that other loyal subjects may read what we here do see. A processional engraving, by Vertue, among the prints of the Antiquarian So ciety, represents this May-pole, as a door or two westward beyond.

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In a compilation respecting "London and Middlesex," it is stated that this May-pole having decayed, was obtained of the parish by sir Isaac Newton, in , and carried through the city to Wanstead, in Essex; and by license of sir Richard Child, lord Castlemain, reared in the park by the rev. Pound, rector of that parish, for the purpose of supporting the largest telescope at that period in the world, given by Mons. Hugon, a French member of the Royal Society, as a present; the telescope was one hundred and twenty-five feet long.

This May-pole on public occasions was adorned with streamers, flags, garlands of flowers and other ornaments. It was near the May-pole in the Strand that, in , Mr.