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Tithing, The Truth About Tithing And The Tithe
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Are we also guilty of Vs. When it comes to the church we get very selective of when we will go and what we will participate in. How tiresome we get with the things of God. In I rededicated my Life to the Lord after back sliding and realizing how far I wondered away from God. To grow in the Lord, you must spend time in His word. Our lifestyle must be entrenched in the Lord, the things of the Lord, the people of the Lord.

The leaders of our Churches must not grow weary of Godly practices and holding fast to what Honors God. If so we come in vain, our prayers will not be heard or honored. God will not accept Vs. In fact, Vs. We give better to our employers and neglect the very God who gave us the employment. God not only despised the attitude of the people who felt this was an acceptable practice, he also did not kindly receive the Priest for allowing it to become a common practice. Should He accept this from your hands, says the Lord?

How did God know they had a male in their flock? He knows because He gave it. God only ask us to give out of what He has provided.

3 Ways Giving is Good For You

He knew they had what was required for the sacrifice because He is the great provider, He supplied them with male flock that was acceptable. God knows exactly what He has blessed us with. He knows what He has poured into your life, your gifts, your talents, your thoughts, your income and your wealth. Just as important, you know exactly what you vowed while asking Him to bless you and he provided.

So, you bring the measly contribution. Should He accept that? Who do you think you serve?


Below: share your thoughts on this one verse and what kind of relationship should you forge with this great King? What should your service to Him look like? List what needs improvement and how will you make the necessary changes? This is not an activity you will share so be very honest with yourself.

God continues with relationships in chapter 2. How do we approach God and ask for blessings for ourselves when we have mistreated each other? How we interact with each other not only bears witness to our character, but to the character of God that we say we serve. There is an obvious connection to the provisions of God and the motives within our hearts. God was not pleased with what he saw in the days of Malachi, he casted judgement from the top down, starting with the Priest who were to be the spiritual leaders, to the People who were to follow the commandments of the Lord.

I suspect that we too have some belt tightening to do in this area. The world that we live in promotes being self-absorbed. The media that inundate our lives tells us that we should have it all, no matter the cost. Hate for one another is alive and well, the family unit as God presents it is under attack every day, and marriage only has a fifty percent chance of survival.

Principles and Practices Concerning Biblical Tithing and Offering

Many of our spiritual leaders have compromised the call following personal gain. Yet, we cry out to the Lord to heal our communities.

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We ask, where are you Lord, have you not loved us. The Lord has set order for the church. This leadership responsibility should never be taken lightly; it comes with great responsibility.

Before you proceed read 1 Timothy 4: What is the exhortation to Overseers and what is at stake? The Lord God chose Aaron and his sons to be the spiritual leaders of the Hebrew community, it was an eternal covenant, the Levi tribe would be responsible for the sacred services. From amongst all the tribes the Levi tribe was chosen by God.

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He chose them to stand , to serve in His name. Numbers They were to invoke the name of the Lord on the sons of Israel causing God to bless them. The Priest possessed a special quality, they were known for being joyful, giving, and driven by their zealousness for the honor of God. Their daily blessings in the Temple served to open the gates of heavenly mercies through which people of Israel merit not only material well-being but spiritual blessings as well.

Enjoying God’s Abundant Blessing

The role of the priest was so significant in distinguishing the Hebrews from other cultures by honoring the one true God. Has that role changed for this present cultural, are we under a new command? No, emphatically No! We serve the same God who has not and will not change. Ephesians He gave some as Pastors , why , for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ; how long, until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.

Overseers have the same responsibility as God gave the Levi to be set aside as a conduit of heaven to bring down blessings that build us up to the fullness of Christ. No longer overseeing sacrifices of animals, but teaching us to honor the greatest sacrifice ever made, the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Knowing the enormous responsibility of the priest and the influence they have in the community, amongst the people, we understand why God was not pleased when they faltered in their responsibilities. The rebuke of the Priest was sure; God would rebuke the offspring and cause refuge on their face.

Read Leviticus — What happened to Aaron two sons and Why?

What are ten characteristics of God-honoring generosity?

God said he would rebuke their offspring and spread refuse on their face. Their decisions would not only affect them, but their children as well. We all know what refuse is. This is very graphic language that shows how God reviewed unfaithful priest, they were worthy of the most unthinkable disgrace. This statement was meant to shake them out of their compliancy. The children of Israel as well as us, are known to other nations by the God that we serve. When the priest fail to lead the people in proper worship of a Holy God it diminishes His image before an onlooking world. It affects the people of God, the community and the nation at large.

The church is to be a light house in a dark world. A neon light pointing lost souls to Christ. The Priest stands in space and time as a conduit between God and His people to bring down his blessings and to honor His name. The calling is not to be taken lightly! Family, who is the Family, kind of like the same question posed to Jesus, who is my neighbor, who is my brother. How are we to treat each other, Jesus said we will know one another by our love for one another.

The Spiritual Disciplines: Stewardship/Giving and Tithing | Directors' Corner

V Do we not all have one father? Why do we deal treacherously each against his brother to profane the covenant of our fathers? If we are all of the same faith, that is faith in Jesus Christ our Lord, then we are all in the family of God. As in any family there are rules and standards, love prevailing. The one question that must always be asked, how did I come to be in the family in God? The word assures us that the father drew us by his love for us, even when we were yet sinners. Since that is the case, then we too must draw and respond with the same love that drew us.

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Not one of us has done anything that makes us deserving of the blessings of God. We cannot earn it, buy it or work hard enough for it. If we remember that we too live under grace, I think we will treat each other better. When each of us works according to how God has joined us to the body, we benefit the entire family of Christ.