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Medicine Alternatives to organ donation In Germany, there are still too few people willing to donate organs, while patient waiting lists remain long. Award Doctoral prize for six young researchers At Helmholtz, more than 8, doctoral students do their research.

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Science and society. Short Interview Six questions with Eduardo Zorita Why did you become a scientist? Portrait Head over heels for molecules Bert Meijer specializes in complex molecular systems and their formation. Query "Could a black hole swallow the Earth? Helmholtz Blogs. Helmholtz Centres. They aim to unravel the changes taking place in the global environment and System Earth which are partly natural and partly caused by human action. DESY develops, builds and operates large accelerator facilities, which are used to investigate the structure of matter. The German Aerospace Center DLR headquartered in Cologne is Germany's national centre for research and technology development in aeronautics and aerospace.

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He expanded the borders of linguistics to incorporate such areas as phonetics, semantics, poetics, Slavic studies, language acquisition and pathology, and mythology. His main contributions were to establish phonological distinctive features, to define constants and tendencies, variants and invariants, to discover unity in variety, with respect for the individual and unique in language.

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He drew upon the work of earlier linguists, especially Ferdinand de Saussure and Baudouin de Courtenay. However, his concept of linguistics and his introduction of structural methods were original and influenced linguists all over the world.

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A prolific writer, his works include books and articles on linguistic subjects, mythology, and epic poetry and metrics, including works on the Igor' Tale. Known as the father of modern structural linguistics, he elaborated sophisticated theories of language and communication that have had significant effects on such disciplines as anthropology, art criticism, and brain research.

Along with several students of the Historical-Philological Faculty at the university, Jakobson founded the Moscow Linguistic Circle in March, and served as its President until ; organized intensive field work in Russian dialectology and folklore during the summer vacations of and Spina and G. Gesemann and published by Walter de Gruyter and Co.

Now you look back at the verb. If it is a being verb am, are, is, etc. An easy way to figure this out is to write an equation. If it can't be replaced by an equals sign, refer to the next paragraph. The predicate noun is also always in the Nominative Case , so the same rules apply to it.

If the verb of the sentence is an action verb playing, throwing, making, eating , find what the subject is doing the verb to. For example, if the verb is "makes" macht , you look for what is being made. That is the direct object. The direct object is always in the Accusative Case , so it takes on the den, die, das, die, or einen, eine, ein. The indefinite articles, when you just look at their endings, select e, -, e for nominative case, and en, e, -, e for accusative.

Remember, between nominative and accusative, the only third-person change is in the masculine form. The pronouns experience a much bigger change than the articles. This is also true in English, as the articles a, an, the do not change ever, but I goes to me , we goes to us , etc.

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Not everything is the same, though. While me is mich and us is uns , the second and third persons undergo different changes. In third person, as in the articles, the only change is in masculine singular. Following the "der goes to den" rule, er goes to ihn when in the accusative case. The second person in English never changes. In German, du goes to dich and ihr goes to euch.

Sie , the formal version of either, stays the same. Remember, Sie 2nd person formal and sie 3rd person plural only differ in their meanings and the fact that the former is capitalized and the latter is not.

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This stays true throughout German grammar. Note: This is just a quick lesson in English grammar applied into German. If you already know all about antecedents in English, skip the first paragraph. When using a pronoun, you have to know what it is for it to work. There are some rare exceptions, such as in mysteries or drama, but otherwise this is always true.

Sometimes in dialogue this is taken care of by pointing or making some other gesture, but most of the time, the pronoun modifies something already mentioned. In German this is very useful.

You can't simply say 'it' any more. Many food words are masculine and feminine, and when you turn them into pronouns, they turn into 'he', 'she', 'him', and 'her', not always 'it'.

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For example, the sentence "The cheeseburger tastes good. It's very crunchy.

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He's very crunchy. Why is it "he"? This is where the antecedent comes in. Because there are foods that are masculine and feminine in German, you can't assume the 'es'. You have to look back at the previous sentence, at the antecedent, der Cheeseburger. Of these five verbs, only trinken and bekommen are regular. Essen is irregular that's what the "I" means. Do you remember from the last lesson 'lesen' and 'sehen'? Well essen experiences the same change, except that it changes to 'i', not 'ie'. Also, it acts the same as 'lesen' in the du-form: You don't have three s's in a row.

Isst sounds and looks a lot like ist. The minute difference happens to be in the way you pronounce the s. When you mean eats it is sometimes an overstressed hissing i.

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In normal life Germans, too, can only tell which verb is meant from knowing the context. The last two verbs marked M are modals. They will be discussed in the next section. In the introduction , you learned that German has no helping verbs. Instead, they have modals , words that basically do the same thing. Modals are conjugated very differently from normal verbs. Most modals experience a vowel change from singular to plural, and the rest is the same.

Here is the complete conjugation:. However, will can also mean an intent or a document showing what one wants to happen.


Note that after "zu" follows the dative case, so "der" is not the masculine but the feminine article. Everything revolves around it. Wunder der Technik, Wunder der Natur. In the first two examples, the italicized prepositions are used as adverbs of motion; in the first example, the word "out" indicates the direction "out of the apartment"; in the second case, "over" not only means means the direction "towards", but also implies visitation of a residence. Rosdolsky schrieb auch unter den Pseudonymen Roman Prokopovycz , P.

So it is not so different from 'to want' as possibly originally presumed. This is very important. When you need to use another verb with a modal such as expressing you would like or want to perform an action , the sentence's word order is somewhat different than it would be in English. In English, you would state the subject pronoun such as "I" , an English equivalent to the modal verb such as "want" , the action you want to perform such as "to eat" and then what the action will be performed on such as "hamburger" , making the sentence "I want to eat a hamburger.

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In German, instead of saying, "I'm hungry. Here are the German translations of the corresponding nouns:.