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Clothilde, Queen of the S. As such, we feel Clothilde takes the crown. Germinal Tenas. She was the daughter of famous writer and journalist Robert Beauvais, an auteur and producer of numerous radio and television programs he would emcee with his wife her mother! Robert Beauvais was also known for writing theater plays and works of reflection in a humoristic mode much like Sacha Guitry! Prestigious french actors like Michel Simon and Louis Jouvet were frequent visitors of the family house in the Paris suburbs of Montmorency….

Tell us the path you took to eventually sign a contract with Vogue records in ? I came to this singing career because one day when I was in bed at home feeling depressed and, my mother who was making TV serials brought over Germinal Tenas to work on the soundtrack and he saw me and had a stroke. He was looking for a girl to sing his songs and I matched exactly what he was looking for.

The music was ok but I really disliked the lyrics, I hated what we were doing, I hated my image… I felt very bad. Germinal Tenas, retrospectively is one of the major producers of sixties counter-culture in France. So… since I loved all that black offbeat humor, I wanted to produce a semi-detached girl who would sing in that style, not the usual sugary type of Pop songs. So, when I met her, the fact that on the one hand she was ravishing, cute as you can see on the pics, and on the other hand, she had that rebellion, it appealed to me a lot : it was Love at first sight.

She cordially hated me because, I was 19 and showed I had ideas, and wanted people to do it my way and nobody could divert me from that. Nothing else was tolerated. So why do you give your point?

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Until I came to realise that her anger and very rebellion to my rule made that visually on TV she would come to sing my music with such detachment, aloofness and distance, nary a smile that it would serve the purpose even more! It was perfect. Oh yes, completely so. I had no freedom, was forced to wear the clothes Germinal gave me, to sing the way he wanted… so, I was turning my back against him, was very cold towards the whole project. Yes, of course. I wanted to be an actress and a singer not that way… but, what happened was that I was not feeling well, had a lot of psychological problems, my mother was sick and the mood was difficult at home.

I was very self-destructive, each time that a door would open and an opportunity would come and there were a lot of opportunities! I ended up hiding and not answering to calls from Vogue.

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Did you start out wanting to sing or…? Did you meet any of them? Was she aloof from being guarded of because she was the star?

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Were there any youth idol or a chanteuse who would inspire you to do what you wanted to do even though later you would be manipulated in doing Clothilde? Was it purely the vision of producer Germinal Tenas? The report one usually hear is, that Germinal had in mind of producing a kind of anti-France Gall… Maybe….

And that is why he molded you into that; do you know anything about this? I never heard anything about that, no. Maybe he had that in mind but never told you? Like, for ex. Of course!

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We had too conflicting characters and different ideas and tastes. What was it like to work with Germinal Tenas both in and outside the recording studio? For me, it was dreadful. On the other hand, I was pretty difficult to get by too, at that time I could be very temperamental and he was forced to follow some rules like when I told you about our first recording session: he told me that nobody would be in the studio, because… he really pushed me in the studio, I had to fight my feelings and I went there walking backwards…. What did you expect, what did you hope to attain by doing this?

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I just wanted to obey my mother … Without hoping that later on you would succeed in…? Not at all, It was done in such despair, it was doomed from the beginning. It came at a time you were almost too young? No, not at all. Most likely it was the contrary. It was him who took this personna he had created quite seriously… he was only 19 at the time, he was very young!

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You are credited as a co-writer on the first EP, How much creative input did you have overall? If he had been older, maybe he would have been more in a teachful manner? Yes, absolutely. It was infernal. Any whatsoever. Atrocious , really?!

Oh, yes! I wanted her to be sophisticated and detached, I disguised her and made-up her look. Was he ever your boy friend? Not at all, never! How old were you at the time? I was on year younger then him, I may have been 19 and he was I had between 18 and 19 during that venture. The recordings are wildly creative with unsual lyrics, composition and overal sound — what was the general reaction towards this from both yourself and the general public?

You never toured or anything? Germinal… I know Antoine asked for me to tour with him but I refused. So it was done in ? So it was still pre-hippie? Yes, it was done right before. Are there any fun or memorable publicity events, TV shows and so on that have lasted? No, no good memories. Yes, TV.

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That was a TV shot outside? That shows how crazy I was to not usher a word of complaint while these hoods would really slap me …. You mean they took advantage of that scene to hit you because as Rockers they probably hated Pop? Yes, probably. Yes, I did because, I would meet nice people on there; Pierre Dac was charming …. What was that show?

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The plot was certainly prioritised in the example below. They offer a wide range of multidisciplinary interpretations and analyses: In comparison, as their titles indicate, the books selected for translation and publication in France exclusively deal with the magical world of Harry Potter. Thank the Sorceress you're alive! By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. Original cream-coloured boards, spines and front covers lettered in gilt, front covers with gilt motif of Alice, top edges gilt, others untrimmed. The widowed Queen probably spent the last years of her life in the convent that had been authorized in by Pope Innocent II.

Yes, I think so. You were never friends with Chantal Goya? Were you acquainted with any other fellow pop stars, especially at Vogue? Not at all. Yes there was… no. I mean, there were like little clans, Ronnie Bird for instance had his group with Zouzou…? Very bad! Maybe I was still in my tender years. You can ask me other questions but… It will always turn around my feeling depressed at that time that would show a lot on the screen. Maybe you were too self-conscious about this but, did the people saw that?

You mentionned an episode about a girl taking your records and going on a summer tour passing herself as you in the southern coast of France; would you care to elaborate on that anecdote?

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She sang playback on my records, making fake local TV, she managed to have musicians believe and follow her: she would go on these sets where these gullible musicians would wait for her outside! If I remember well, this girl even made auditions at the time. She managed to have people follow her on local TV premises, musicans whom she would borrow money including the guy who asked me for his money back!