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GZ hello. I was wondering if they had gone with a doll. I used to have this little plush cat, I called him Jack.

How to crochet an EASY doll / toy - amigurumi doll pattern

He came in a little doghouse like thing made out of cardboard I believe. I think it had a red roof if that helps Jack was about 4 inches long, purple with green eyes and I believe at one point he may have had a brown collar , source: Ami Ami Dogs: Seriously Cute download online physports. I sure hope I can get pointed in the right direction for 2 particular toys! One: It was a flying craft, orange in color Taxidermy : comprising the skinning, stuffing, and mounting of birds, mammals, and fish www. What can you do while sewing a child's toy at home?

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Most pointers are common sense or a work around to possible dangerous choking hazards. Always sew a toy with strong quality thread. Not only will the toy possibly last for generations, the risk of stuffing and small parts becoming loose is mitigated , cited: Magical Amigurumi Toys: 15 read pdf thenetworkng. Perfect for a little boy, this soft whale is hand-sewn using soft pieces of denim , source: Fun of the Fair: Stuffed download epub thenetworkng. Instead of shaking it you would turn the dial around the face it was shaped like flower petals to erase the image.

I have been looking for a few dolls I had and also a doll stroller download. And it looks like they were from the '90's, huh? I'm glad there was someone in the "80's" section that knew about a "90's" toy, because I looked in the "90's" section, and there isn't much in there yet Taxidermy Vol. Just lovely. Crochet Mickey Mouse Ornament — the Santa one is a free pattern!

Please note that the Etsy links are affiliate links, should you choose to purchase via these, I will earn a small comission which goes towards the upkeep of this free site! With Autumn just around the corner, how adorable are these Crochet Owls? I so want a set! Get yours from malaDesigns! Similarly, I adore this Family of Chicks. The mother hen is just adorable and love the simplicity of the baby chicks. Make one in every colour. Get the pattern from DMC! Or how about these cutest of cute under the see Crochet Animals?

That seahosre and the octopus crochet is just adorable. Again, get all the info over on DCM! The Hat and I has all the info for you. So fun for Autumn and Fall.

Again a fantasic pattern by The Hat and I! And I am dying of Baby Lamb Cuteness! Recipe Rating. Step 4: You place the loop of the first leg on your hook and using its tail you single crochet in the next stitches through both thicknesses. You do 4 sc in total and you fasten off. Step 5: You place the loop of the second leg on your hook and you are ready to continue crocheting! The disadvantage to this technique is the stitch count.

Normally, you would have 36 stitches after joining the legs but because we crocheted some of them them to attach the 2 legs together, we lost a few stitches. I solve this problem by increasing in the next round. This technique will work with any pattern with standing legs, you just have to pay attention to the stitch count and adjust accordingly!

What a fabulous technique! Thanks so much for sharing, Mirena! This trick will work perfectly with the October Ami Club pattern… want a sneak peek? Time is moving so fast and um, it was in Los Angeles last week… that feels like July to me! Check out instructions here.

So many possibilities! I went with a theme this month… all of the patterns use 18mm brown eyes! That way, you can buy a 5-pair pack and make all 3… and still have two pairs!

We went to the county fair last weekend and they had baby goats… squee! This pattern is a real favorite… I think he might even be the second best-seller behind Nelson the Owl! Everyone loves a sweet cow, and you can have lots of fun by getting really crazy with the colors!

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Check out this one I made as a custom order:. Get the Jackie the Cow pattern here. I love felting — just crochet with a wool yarn and throw it in the washing machine! The result is a very sturdy and durable fabric that will make a long-lasting stuffed animal.


Over the years we have been in business selling dinosaur toys children we have realized that a lot of adults collect dinosaur models, replicas and figurines from manufacturers such as Collecta dinosaurs, Schleich dinosaur figures and Safari dinosaur figurines as well Loom Knit Safari Collection Loom Knit Safari Collection. June 9, by mojimojidesign 9 Comments. Ilaria even made us all printable sheets to help organize our thoughts and plan a full months worth of posts, which really did come in handy for someone as scatterbrained as me! My joy at discovering the almost seamless amigurumi crochet method and the ability to self publish on Etsy about six years ago was immense! Whether you want to go really cute or really creepy, one of these Halloween crochet projects will be the right one for you.

Give it a try! Get the bear pattern here. Umm… yup, me too. All you need is a ruler with millimeter measurements. A craft eye is sized by its diameter in millimeters. So, to determine the size, place the ruler across the widest part of the eye. If you have a needle gauge and small eyes , I have an even easier way. Knitting needle measurements are determined by the diameter of the needle, so you can simply stick the eye in the gauge!

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Note that the eye fits snugly in the hole, but does not go entirely through like a knitting needle would. Project Teddy Bear is a restorative justice project in which inmates at the Federal Correctional Institution in Sandstone, MN teach one another to crochet animals and hats to be donated to children and their siblings at the Ronald McDonald House.

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A couple of the guys knew how to crochet and others were interested in learning. Poch, a psychologist at the prison, reached out to Dr. Shlafer at the University of Minnesota Medical School with the idea. Yarn and supplies are collected and donated to Project Teddy Bear through students at the University of Minnesota and get delivered to the inmates.