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When it comes to decorating your home, mirrors will be your best friend. They are both decorative and functional, plus can enhance space and light, it is astonishing how they can change the look and feel of a room. So, what can mirrors do for your home? Position your mirror either adjacent or opposite a window to catch the natural light and bounce it through the room, and go for as large a size as possible.

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Hallway or landing mirrors used like this make often dark areas look brighter, especially if complemented by a lamp, as this light too will be reflected into the room. When placed opposite a window that faces the garden, you can even bring the outside, inside, so you can have all the greenery and colour of your garden indoors. Large mirrors, in particular, are able create the illusion of more space.

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A wall mounted floor mirror propped up against a wall will draw the eye upwards, making the room look even larger. In areas of the house where space is limited such as a narrow hall or landing, a long mirror will make it look spacious.

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Above mantelpiece is another common place to hang a rectangular mirror for the illusion of space, especially if your lounge is long and narrow. Co-ordinate your over mantel mirror to other ornaments such as wall clock and some photo frames filled with loved ones to create an embellished feature. Our mantelpiece ideas page has lots of ideas on how to make the mantel of your fireplace a stunning feature. Whether you go for a classic thick wooden frame, a sophisticated gilt ornate frame, or even a Cheval wall mirror, they will make any wall look more interesting. Try using a range of shapes — not just the usual rectangle and round mirrors, but also sunburst, scalloped and heart shaped.

The height, shape and material of the frame will also add texture and colour to the wall. Wooden mirrors will look good in a traditional themed room; however, glass and metal mirrors can look more contemporary. Decorative wall lights and lamps will illuminate and compliment the look, why not go for a beaded wall light, and have a star like lighting flooding your room?

Not only will mirrors look good, but they also have a raft of useful features. The functionality you can get from a mirror largely depends on the room it is in, and what you want from it.

Hallway mirrors can come with additional hooks, to hang jackets and even umbrellas from. Or place one above a console table to create a focal point to the entrance of your home. A desk lamp placed here too will reflect even more light. Pick the light bulb to suit the mood you want, either bright and clear, or a pearl effect for a softer look. When you are getting ready, there are many styles of mirror that will be indispensable throughout your home.

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Starting off in the bathroom, mirrors with inbuilt LED lighting mean you can clearly see what you are doing, as often these bathrooms with have textured windows or blinds so natural lighting could be minimised. Some bathroom mirrors come with shelves, handy for your toothbrushes and toothpaste. In addition to your wall bathroom wall mirror, why not add a small vanity mirror that can magnify your reflection, great for personal grooming or applying your makeup. Moving onto the bedroom or dressing room, a dressing table mirror means you can sit down and get ready at leisure.

With triple dressing table mirror, you can see yourself from all angles, so handy when you are styling your hair. You can also share the clip on social media from the app, making it easier and more fun to show your style to your friends or followers.

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