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I have therapist and hundreds of town people stating she needs to come home.

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She has been in my care since birth i am the biological parent my rights have not been terminated. My child turns 15 Today and is in immediate danger from running house to house friend to friend. Foster care tcp was done illegally and it was on audio recorded calls admiring it was not done in 72 hours plus a court commissioner did it not even a judge! And no judge ok ed it yet. I have all three yes 3 different tcp within six weeks… All very different accusations. When they couldnt get me on one they tried another and another…all while my child is screaming crying to come home.

She has ptsd and cuts and depression. She was restrained at the door I was on phone with cops the entire time.

Her dhs consent decree worker never even put her on ankle bracelet. I recorded them in video and audio lying blatently. Help us we have been through enough. Shes also missed court and school and multiple doctors appointments and shown up to appointment high on weed and pills. I need a lawyer.

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A real one. I have therapists on our side. Keep in mind she walked 21 miles in the dark country dangerous road in Wisconsin at 4am… No one not the court commissioner nor dhs has even apologized for losing her nor the foster who i spoke to 47 minutes warning her that my child would run. I warned dhs as well. I would love to join the march in DC if I can get out of work. Brooke, it might be a good idea to take this to the media.

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Are there any younger children involved? Linda, we are working with a channel to expose the corruption within CPS. Would you be willing to do an interview with them concerning the many families that you hear from? You can remain anonymous if you choose and they can disguise your voice.

You can interview through email, phone, or skype. They have done two videos so far and are going to be starting the interviews in about a week or two. Please let me know if you would be willing to help at freethebabies at gmail dot com. Thank you for all that you do! Here are the 2 videos they have done so far, and their website:. Working with this YouTube channel to get story out if you are interested in being interviewed. You can remain anonymous and they can disguise your voice of you prefer. Please email me if you are interested in getting your story out.

Stump Your Lawyer: A Quiz to Challenge the Legal Mind by Zaharoff, Howard

Freethebabies at gmail dot com. Here are the 2 vids they have done so far:. I recently got involved in cps in the beginning of December for abuse or neglect well they drug tested me as soon as they came and visited me they took pictures of my home and frige because who ever reported me said I had a messy house and no food for my son well that ended up being a lie because I have nothing but a full frige and my house was very clean like always well from that one drug test 3 days later they came again then 3 days later again. I did about almost 20 drug test the month of December and only one time I came out dirty and that was the very first time they drug tested me but it was just adderal and thc.

I can honestly say I am not an addicted and this is really a waste of time. I havent failed a drug test for them since june of I recently relapsed and failed one test and they took my kids from daycare without a court order or even notifying me. I live in DFW area Texas and would appreciate any help at all.

My daughters have been stolen out of daycare by cps in Albuquerque NM i need assistance i have video evidence as well as audio and i am afraid of losing my children in the system please help will be appreciated.

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Stump Your Lawyer: A Quiz to Challenge the Legal Mind [Howard Zaharoff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For the lawyers who think. For the lawyers who think they know it allor for those of you who worry that your legal counsel can't tell a tort from a tartStump Your Lawyer! is a hilarious tour of.

My kids have issues at school, both receive special education services. A mandated reporter called CPS in regards to a school related incident and they were interviewed without my knowledge. I interviewed with CPS, they claimed both my children said something happened at home that lead to the incident at school. I asked the principal for an incident report but he seemed unaware of what I was referring too.

Friday, June 20, 2008

If this is the case, the expectation is this worker will show-up twice more unannounced and interview my children again. I need help immediately I had my kids at home unassisted and chose not to get birth certificates or ssn. I left my kids with an ex roommate who had been watching the kids on a daily basis for eight months. I have not spoken to anyone yet and refused to open my door. I was unable to make appointment for the same day then had another issue to handle and lost my phone in the midst of everything. You will probably be taken to court. If you want to fight this in court, tell the attorney you want a trial and will not sign a plea of guilty.

Or child trafficking. E-mail me at ,I love Daniel t careful at gmayl dot com, if there is anyone willing to do probono in kingman a-z thanks. To be brief about the latest week: foster mother was exposed finally for the blatant lies she has been shouting since the first team meeting. The majority about medical factors that I have asked for the assorted workers to look into because I knew otherwise. The other big piece is that DCFS magically caused two entire months of case documentation and even worker name to just disappear completely. The retaliation from assertive advocacy is fascinating.

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Seeking representation for the permanency hearing and I have a filing cabinet with laws and court orders and process policies broken consistently and rapidly. I am located in Utah. Me and my husband have a CPS case our chldren were put in foster care a year and 5 months ago. My boyfriend and I are going threw almost some thing we need help our baby is 3yrs I cry all the time we did nothing wrong we done what they asked and more they are not doing there hope labette county k. I was depressed and going through hard times, attempted suicide while the kids were not even in the same home and somehow now my kids are being taken from me and the mother is told that we can not be together and i am not allowed around the children.

Need help with an attorney. If anyone knows of someone who would be willing to fight for me or help me fight for myself? Our case is in the Jackson Michigan. I can be contacted at rnbw07[ ]gmail. Did u find a good lawyer in Michigan? Cps is putting me on registry. Shes on her death bed here at home.

I want to fight the false allegations against me. I need help to sue state of wa cps in us federal 10th curcuit court. I already started it and went two levels up and am going through federal us appeals. I need help going to the third level. Need legal counsel in Maryland. CPS has put a no contact agreement that is on going between my two children.

The inappropriate behavior happened two years ago and both children have been in counseling. I need advice as to if CPS is violating our parental rights. One child is 14 and the other 7. If someone could be of assistance Please Please Please!! My kids were taken 14 months ago.

A psychiatrist called CPS on me based on things I had told him. I am duel diagnosed with scitzoeffective disorder and substance abuse. We were homeless and still are.

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I have spent the better part of the year trying to get clean. The State is going for severance. We go back to court for the initial severance hearing on Jan 9 We were open and honest even volunteered screenings. I know they cannot do this however Cortland county is a corrupt cps unit and have taken children out and made it impossible to win the fight against them for many families. I know the education and statistics facts.

I have done my work and research and am now in need of a lawyer as their is minor signifigance to their case as pot is illegal in ny. Please if anyone can help me I am not looking for our life, home, and family to be torn apart at all esp would not make a nice christmas for our children. We all should reach out more, and share more, verbally, and thus encouraging others, [for they are not alone]. Those whom have helpful stories, experiences, knowledge or information, should call her and chat for a few.

You do NOT know who you are talking to on the other end, in addition to, the words we speak can be used against us [even if only said to people that we know]. That disappointingly, all too common story being: 1 They [i.