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Sugar Detox for Beginners: Your Guide to Starting a 21-Day Sugar Detox
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I made some lower-sugar chocolates and stuffed down three in quick succession. Shan't I? Being strict was starting to prove the easier option. At least it was black and white. I received mixed views about giving up sugar. It was easy to recruit others to take part. They started by asking a few questions, next thing I knew they were shunning sugar right alongside me. Some people seemed genuinely offended by my lack of sugar consumption. Some found it hard to swallow. The best strategy was to say nothing and not draw attention to myself. After the programme, I had no physical urge to eat sugar and was fearful that a piece of chocolate here or there would very quickly lead to a twice-a-day, impossible-to-resist habit.

Psychologically, being released from the craving cycle and the chocolate addiction was also liberating. However, a few weeks on and I already notice the quiet whisper of cravings. I can have a bit but when does that become too much? Satisfying cravings with sugar just seems to generate more cravings. I plan to keep it that way. If you have a diagnosed condition or an underlying health problem, are pregnant, breast-feeding, very young or elderly, consult your GP or dietitian prior to making any changes to your existing eating regime.

Caroline used a combination of resources in her quest to quit. Let us know how you got on in the comments below This article was last reviewed on 16 September by Kerry Torrens. Kerry Torrens BSc. Over the last 15 years she has been a contributing author to a number of nutritional and cookery publications including BBC Good Food.

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Cravings can be conquered Everyone has a weakness. Strange side effects Not everyone experiences the same reaction to quitting sugar.

Sugar Detox for Beginners: Your Guide to Starting a 21-Day Sugar Detox - eBook

Want chocolate? Have a banana More of a veg fan, fruit had never held that much of a draw but this changed when I gave up sugar. Sugar is everywhere Wrestling with a desire to consume chocolate, ice cream or a cheeky cake with a coffee passed pretty quickly. Constant grazing In the first few weeks my energy was often flat so I compensated by eating much more frequently than usual. Complacency can sneak up on you In week six, Sarah suggests reintroducing a little sweetness. Other people's reactions I received mixed views about giving up sugar. So, what happened when the 8 weeks were over?

Comments 16 Questions 0 Tips 2 I have found the Bright Line Eating program is a great way to quit sugar except fruit and beat cravings. Set guidelines with whole foods and 3 healthy, filling meals a day take away the many choices which, for me, would often result in binging. Changing habits isn't easy but it sure is worth it!!! I have been diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease which is from excess sugar which in turn turns to fructose and then fat which is stored in the liver and can lead to many problems with liver disease.

The diagnosis was exactly what I needed to give me the incentive to keep going. Later on I will deal with other foodstuffs containing excess sugar. Already I look at all labels and buy as low sugared products as possible. When I was starting out on the sugar-kicking journey, I was having a very tough time.

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I used to have some withdrawal-induced cranky moments and a few slip-ups along the way. As with all foods everything should be in moderation. Of course excessive amounts of sugar are not good for us but you can say that about any food. A balanced diet is a healthy diet and we should stop buying in to the unscientific rubbish in social media, We should also remind ourselves that journalists who 'analyse' proper scientific research are journalists not scientists.

Just like an alcoholic is not able to drink in moderation. This is a helpful comment to have written so succinctly here.

Sugar Detox: How to Cut Out Sugar Without Losing Taste | Root + Revel

It captures perfectly the point of view of those for whom the changes I need to make don't make sense or are alarming. It's an understandable POV as well, and is super relevant for people who jump on fad diets because of the fads. For the people whose struggle is actually something very different, though, the goal of moderation can be incredibly damaging, as common sense as it seems on the surface.

I have given up sugar after being terrified by a prediabetic dignosis. I started avoiding all sugar and root veg that quickly turns to sugar etc. The doc said I could calm down and now I just avoid things with added sugar.

My 14 Day Sugar Detox// What I am eating (first 2 days)

Choc, cake, biscuits, desserts etc. I find it easier to go cold turkey. If I am offered a tiny bit of anything naughty, I refuse as a little bit just makes me want more. It is much easier to just say no. I still drink wine with my dinner. I vote wine every time. My blood sugar is back in the safe zone and I have lost two inches on the waist despite eating masses of food, just not sweet stuff. There needs to be a little bit of; not necessarily easing in on the nutrition part. Because the program already allows for that with the different levels.

But I need for you to get your house ready. I need for you to buy some things for your pantry. And then the flip side of that was always; what about after? Because your new normal is going to include lessons that you learned during the 21 days of the program. The way you think about planning meals. And really just carrying you through that second part of things. Diane Sanfilippo: After the program. How does that work? And giving people some more just grounding around that.

And I really want that to be something that people get from it. So finding your new normal, and then some strategies for short term and long term. Just the thought process of dealing with something like having an indulgence, and then going back to normal everyday life.

A Few Scary Facts About Sugar…

I know you and I; we went on a gluten free donut tour in Vancouver. Well, this is part of what is a normal healthy balance for me. Is that my every day eating? And I really want for other people to get to that place where they can find what their new normal is. And that can include treats. But I really want this to be something that everyone kind of takes responsibility and figures out.

I want you to learn from it, and then move on with your life. And I have some very specific cases where I feel like repeating the program can be worthwhile. Because I think that if you do it as written, you learn what you need to learn. And then you need to move on. Because you followed my rules for those 21 days; now you need to do something different.

I have Day Sugar Detox certified coaches.

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But somebody needs to help me, then hire a coach. We have a couple of hundred of them at this point. You can find them at our website. But if you're a coach and you're working with people through the program, and you want to go through it again out of solidarity; alright. But all of our coaches have already gone through the program at least once themselves. Like those sweet fruits we were talking about. And it does change things for people. And like I said, breaking it down so that yes, you're going to read a little bit about the program first, just an introduction.

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I love all the recipes! The sugar thing im finding hardest to find recipes for. Diane Sanfilippo: Those are some that are not even the most intense on the not sweet side of things. To serve, mound the Brussels sprouts and mushroom on a plate and place the egg on top. These tips are so helpful! I only needed to do that once. Getting out very sweet foods.

Because I just need people to kind of get their head on straight before they dive into this. And then breaking it down just daily. Focus on today. Maybe you're focusing on a couple of days in advance, if you're doing some prep work and cooking. But mostly you're staying with your head in the game on what you need to do today. I just want people to deal with the day in front of them.